To optimise your driving skills on- and off-track, our performance coach Markus Lungstrass passes on his long-standing experience in racing and as a professional driving and racing instructor through direct feedback while driving. You can book sessions of a whole day, just half-day or as individual compact coaching sessions.

With the newest technology, the Race Navigator One or Pro, we compare your rounds, analyze mistakes and your progress instantly after getting out of the car. No matter at what level your current driving skills are - we’re looking forward to speeding up together!


Track Day Coaching

Personal Coaching

You would like to improve your performance, racing line, driving technique and lap times? R-Motorsport is your best partner to do so. You will learn how to become safer and faster on the course. With an individual coaching program tailor-made to fit your needs, our performance coach Markus Lungstrass will make you reach your goal and make you fit for the track.

When coaching, Markus sits right next to you in the car to see exactly how you act behind the wheel and give you real-time recommendations. Of course, you can always choose to be a co-pilot for a lap and see how the pro is handling the car and the track.

Group coaching 

Are you interested in a group coaching? Two to three drivers per day can be easily handled by our R-Motorsport team. The setup of a group coaching is as follows:

  • Lead and follow
  • Theoretical track knowledge
  • Getting to know the racing line
  • Communication of all drivers via radio equipment at all times

Fit for Race

You are planning to enter the world of professional motorsports? Even if you do not have any racing experience yet, R-Motorsport is happy to accompany you on your way from training sessions at track-days to becoming a racing-driver and prepare you optimally for this challenge.


Racing with R-Motorsport

Get in touch with us if you would like to race endurance races with an Aston Martin and a professional race team. R-Motorsport calls the Nordschleife its home and is a welcomed guest at the Liqui-Moly 12hr race in Bathurst, Australia. We will be extending our race activities in 2018, visit new tracks around the world and are happy to welcome new drivers on board.

Racing with R-Motosport Racing with R-Motosport