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Swiss driver Andreas Baenziger is the business partner of Florian Kamelger and also co-founder of R-Motorsport. The experienced endurance race driver has raced the GT4 already for several times in Bathurst and finished first in class 2015 at the 24hour race at the Nuerburgring.


Italian driver Florian Kamelger and co-founder of R-Motorsport has successfully raced the GT8 with Aston Martin race driver Darren Turner in Bathurst and the Nuerburgring 24hours and is also a fixed name on the driver line-up list of our Aston Martin Vantage GT4.


Australian driver Peter Leemhuis is one fo the most experienced endurance racers in Australia and finished first in his class in Liqui Moly Bathurst 12hours in 2016. But he is not just experienced and successful on the Australian race tracks – he has also raced the Nordschleife with Aston Martin and achieved class wins with team mate Andreas Baenziger. He joined our team at the 24hour race at the Nuerburgring in 2016 and the team with Andreas Baenziger, Florian Kamelger and Mal Rose achieved third place in our Aston Martin Vantage GT4.


German driver Markus Lungstrass from Cologne has also raced with R-Motorsport in Bathurst in the GT8 together with Florian Kamelger. He also races in our GT4 during several endurance races at the Nuerburgring. But he doesn’t just steer our race cars, he is also an inherent part as single and group coach of R-Motorsport. The Nordschleifen specialist achieved class win in an Aston Martin Vantage GT4 at the 24hour race at the Nuerburgring in 2016.

Team members

Andy Hindhaugh portrait

Andy Hindhaugh

Chief Mechanic & Car chief

Roger Neuweiler portrait

Roger Neuweiler

Workshop Supervisor

Tina Brenner portrait

Tina Brenner

Team Management

Daniel Boettschi working on a race car

Daniel Boetschi


Yan Luethi portrait

Yan Luethi